The Sopranos (2004-????)

The O.C. (2007-????)

Heroes (2006-????)

Felicity (2007-????)

Walker, Texas Ranger (2000-2009)

Touched by an Angel (2000-2009)

Mercy (2008-2009)

Cold Case (2008-????)

Roswell (2006-2009)

Joan of Arcadia (2007-2009)

Charmed (2001-2009)

Supernatural (2008-????)

Desperate Housewives (2004-????)

Sex and the City (2006-????)

What I Like About You (2008-????)

Entourage (2006-????)

Nash Bridges (2006-????)

Ally McBeal (2008-????)

Frasier (2008-????)

Married with Children (2006-????)

Weeds (2005-2009)

Life with Bonnie (2008-????)

Roseanne (2008-????)

Everybody Loves Raymond (2008-????)

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