Beverly Hills, 90210 (2010-????)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2011-2018)

Hart of Dixie (2017-????)

American Horror Story (2017-????)

CSI: Miami (2009-????)

Angel (2014-????)

The X-Files (2009-2018)

The Closer (2017-????)

CSI: NY (2013-????)

Dawson's Creek (2014-????)

ER (2017-????)

Private Practice (2014-????)

Friends (2011-????)

Son of the Beach (2017-????)

Spin City (2012-2018)

3rd Rock from the Sun (2014-????)

Dharma & Greg (2016-????)

Clueless (2015-????)

Frasier (2008-????)

Even Stevens (2017-????)

Nurse Jackie (2016-????)

Reaper (2017-????)

Radio Free Roscoe (2017-????)

No Ordinary Family (2017-2018)

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